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Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go Highlights Time Together This Summer

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Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go Highlights Time Together This Summer

Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go Highlights Time Together This Summer

Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go knows that for any couple, spending time together should be a top priority. This summer, why not plan a romantic beach getaway for two in order to do just that. Whether lounging on the beach together, or strolling through the city streets, holding hands across a candlelit table during a delicious meal, experiencing your dream vacation together will surely be a memory to cherish for a lifetime.

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Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go Reviews Overnight Slumber Parties At Museums And Zoos

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Giraffe looking at safari caravan

Giraffe looking at safari caravan

Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go finds that travelers these days enjoy a unique vacation due to ultimate insider Slumber Parties at Museum and Zoos. This way the thrill seeking tourist gets a chance to spend the night with Dinosaurs and Egyptian Mummies.

Nowadays with the growing trend of enjoying unique experiences many museums and zoos in North America host sleepovers for families where they can enjoy a fun and education meshing in an exciting overnight stay. These Slumber Parties, Wildlife and Theme Parks also feature animal encounters which adds to the excitement. Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go states that the Sea Word Adventure Park in Orlando is one such place where you can watch the toothy sharks zigzag through the water. You can even bed down under the formidable frame of the Tyrannosaurs at the Field Museum in Chicago if you want.

Tourists interested in astronomy will love the overnight slumber party at the Saint Louis Science Centre where they can count the stars and fall  asleep under the created heavens of the multi dollar Planetarium. Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go that experiences of staying overnight at a zoo or museum work out best for the all parents and people living on a budget. As this way they can have fun and entertainment and enjoy a stress free time. This also helps to develop your child’s imagination and he sure comes up with bright ideas. Most of these tours are quiet cost effective for school groups but if you book in advance you sure can join in the fun too.

Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go states that the tourist are also offered pizzas and sandwiches for their meals but they have to sleep over in their own sleeping bags. These excitement packed programs are so entertaining that you simply forget about the not so luxuries accommodations. Plus as part of the immersive learning experience your guide leads you behind the scenes for activities that the day visitors can never even think about.

Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go concludes that guests enjoy the excitement and are so overwhelmed by it that they recommend the overnight slumber experience and cherish the special memories for life.

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Money Saving Travel Tips for Students from Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go

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If you are a college student, Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go President knows that your budget can be tight, and that it may keep you from wanting to travel. However, travel is actually really important for students because it can be an amazing learning experience, especially for students who take trips to cities abroad and learn about new cultures. If you want to travel as a student, but need to do it on a budget, Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go President offers these tips to help you save some money and have a travel experience on a budget.

  • Eat on a budget: Food can take up a large part of any travel budget, and if you are a student and have a limited amount to spend, you have to be careful not to spend too much on your meals. One way that you can save is to prepare your own meals or buy foods at local markets that you can eat on the go. When you eat out, do not go to eateries that are aimed at tourists, but instead look for local places. These will be cheaper and give you more local cuisine.
  • Bring your ID: When you travel, especially abroad, make sure that you bring along your student ID. If you have it on you, you can seriously save on activities and attractions that offer student discounts and pricing. This is a simple way to make your budget stretch further and enjoy the time that you have in your destination.
  • Don’t spend money on souvenirs: When you travel, it can be very tempting to load your bags with things that you bought in your destination. However, you can easily make memories with pictures, and you do not need to spend the money on items when you travel. This will save you some cash and will also keep you suitcase from gaining weight on your way home.
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Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Welcomes Travelers to San Francisco

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The Famous Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco.

The Famous Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go is excited about encouraging travelers to make a visit to beautiful San Francisco, California. With mild summers, the City by the Bay is a great place for travelers from around the world to visit. The city is a beacon of culture and history that is recognized worldwide. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the entire city itself, travelers will find that there is a much to do in San Francisco. A visit to nearby Alcatraz Island gives travelers a perspective of one of the most famous landmarks of the country. Those looking for beauty amongst a modern city can visit Golden Gate Park and witness the awe-inspiring sights of the Japanese tea garden. There is so much to do in San Francisco that multiple trips can be taken to discover something new each time.

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Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Highlights a stay at Caesars Palace

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Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go knows that there are a number of luxury hotels to visit and stay at on the Las Vegas Strip. One of the most iconic of these is Caesars Palace. The hotel is a magnificent work of art that encompasses stunning Roman inspired décor, including gorgeous sculptures like the one at the Las Vegas Forum shops as seen above. The hotel also has the Colosseum at Caesars, which is an entertainment venue that houses a variety of different types of entertainment, and offers its own attractions and shows as well. When staying in Vegas, Caesars Palace is certainly a spot to check out, for its beauty and its fun.

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Jeanette Bunn Travel to Go Recommends A Visit To Chula Vista, California

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If nature is more your style, Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go associates think that you should stop at the Norfolk Botanical Garden which boasts of six gardens, one of which is a very fun and fanciful for children called World of Wonders: A Children’s Adventure Garden. Within the three acre garden probably the most fun feature is the water garden where kids can fling themselves through sprinklers, jet sprayers and bubblers, which mimics the ocean and rivers of the earth.

For something unique only to Chula Vista, Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go suggests that you put on your walking shoes and pay a visit to the ARCO Olympic Training Center. Here tourists can walk around the massive grounds of the camp and see future Olympians perfecting their craft. It is highly recommended that individuals first go to the visiting center and get a map and the information for the app that turns your phone into an audio tour guide. Visitors are often drawn to the BMX track where many gather to watch the stunt show of practicing athletes. Take a break from the heat in their extensive gift shop, and hang out for a chance to meet and greet with some of the visiting athletes.

Living Coast Discovery Center is a great place to take the family, where children and parents can both enjoy its well-appointed aquarium which is home to several breeds of shark and saltwater fishes. The highlight of the aquarium is the stingrays, which are kept in open tanks in which visitors can gently touch as they swim past.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go members recommends you to visit during their feeding time when the keepers give a fun and informative demo while feeding the highly active and hungry animals. Also be sure to visit the mile and a half of walking trails where you can visit the outside residents of the aviary including, the Bald Eagles and Vultures. Visiting during the nesting season in early spring is the real experience not to be missed.

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Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Helps Plan Affordable Mexican Getaways

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Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go indicates that finance conscious vacationers have a Mexican holiday in the off-season where they have flexible vacation dates at a lower cost.  This provides them the chance to relish an excellent visit within an affordable way and avoid huge crowds and go through the splendors of the destination whenever they need. Organizing an ideal outdoors adventure is difficult.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go  customers suggest you peruse the internet and gather particulars in regards to the travel deals which exist along with the luxurious amenities you can enjoy from this. Travel To Go people certainly enjoy entertainment in Mexico whether or not they fancy music, food or marine sports because it hosts many cultural occasions to make certain that they’re busy and entertained.

Consuming bottled water is essential throughout any vacation to not become sick as that may really destroy your holiday. Travel To Go members  also find it needed for vacationers to understand the possible travel conditions that could affect their digestive system and they should be careful when purchasing food from street vendors. Vacationers that aren’t careful regarding health might be stricken with several signs and symptoms for instance cramps, nausea, bloating, and diarrhea and if it becomes serious travelers can end up in the hospital.

 Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go members claim that families or parties of 5 or more vacationers make use of the shuttle service since that should be a less pricey option. Attempt to negotiate the price of fare before riding in taxis as not all of them have meters. Another affordable transportation option you’ll have is being able to ride the bus for just about ten cents a ride. The buses make laps over the city and allow you to get to find the best sight’s across the region and you can savor sights in the own pace.

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Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Fuel Up With Favorable Fare On Their Toronto Holiday

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Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go says that Toronto is the number one tourist spot in Canada, it endorses the fact with its magnificent architecture, theatres, museum, and parks at every corner. A visit to Toronto will truly leave you with lasting memories. Tourists are welcome to experience a wide variety of things in Toronto, right from its local attractions, eclectic culture and world-class cuisine as they will never feel bored during their holiday there.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go members guide the tourist for family friendly fun to the most wonderful amusement park of Toronto, Centreville Amusement Park with over 30 exciting rides to enjoy and 14 food outlets in the park to satisfy their taste buds.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go says that staying in Toronto can turn out quiet a lively experience with so many accommodating options to choose. Right from the luscious and exclusive to the charming and affordable Toronto, accommodations which suit all types of budgets. Tourists have no trouble finding the best to recharge after their fun filled days and nights.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go says that you should plan and explore Toronto, a true city of this world that offers you experiences that you will not be able to enjoy anywhere else. Therefore, whether you want to visit its Shoe Museum or Walk Over the Edge you sure need to enjoy and discover all the delightful attractions that lure the family friendly tourists every year back to this place.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go says that the are tons of nifty exhibits that families will be ready to enjoy like its Spacecraft Launcher  and the Floating Device in its newly renovated Space Hall in  Ontario’s Science Centre. There are great hands on experiences that the young kids end up loving as interactivity meets creativity in Toronto’s Science Centre.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go says that the best thing that they love about Toronto is that it’s a city that never sleeps. For the lively place where the fun just keeps on going, tourists can fuel up with favorable fare and enjoy till the wee hours of the morning.

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Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Executive Shares How to Handle Money Safely While On Vacation

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Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go on How to Handle Money Safely:

  • To avoid carrying large amounts of cash, change your travelers’ checks only as you need currency. Countersign travelers’ checks only in front of the person who will cash them.
  • Do not flash large amounts of money when paying a bill. Make sure your credit card is returned to you after each transaction.
  • Deal only with authorized agents when you exchange money, buy airline tickets or purchase souvenirs. Do not change money on the black market.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go urges you that if your possessions are lost or stolen, report the loss immediately to the local police.  Keep a copy of the police report for insurance claims and as an explanation of what happened.

After reporting missing items to the police, report the loss or theft of:

    • Travelers’ checks to the nearest agent of the issuing company
    • Credit cards to the issuing company
    • Airline tickets to the airline or travel agent
  • Passport to the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate
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Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Executive Provides Tips On What to Pack for a Trip to New York

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Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Executive knows that New York is termed by many as the city that never sleeps and also the capital of the elite fashion lifestyle. It is no surprise the fashion still looks great all year round despite the weather.

If you are planning for a trip to New York, there are several things that you need to do in order to prepare yourself. It is very important to always check the weather. Check it for your intended travel dates. For instance, summers in New York can be as hot as 100 degrees and winters as cold as negative 15 degrees.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Executive advises that you pack clothes depending on your intended travel and your line of work. For business, lighter weight materials will do in the summer months whereas heavier materials such as winter coats, sweaters, boots and heavy socks are required during winter.  Between November and March, it is advisable to wear rubber-soled shoes to avoid slipping on the snow. Trench coats work well during rainy months too.

The New York scene is usually a blend of formal attire and casual wear. Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Executive suggests throwing in some khaki pants or cords with nice button-down shirt and leather loafers would blend in well for guys. For women, a knee-length skirt and a leather flat sweater set.

Summer visits can be hectic and it is advisable to pack light weight fabrics that will breathe in the summer heat well. A comfortable pair of sneakers and some sandals can come in handy as well.

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